Not a single wedding today goes without a photo shoot. It can be either a fun and engaging occasion or it can turn into torture for both newlyweds, their guests, and photographer. If you want to look through your wedding photos after many years and feel joy from pleasant memories, and not the embarrassment from how ridiculous you and your beloved one looks in each photo, you should definitely know how to prepare for this event.

The first and the most important thing is to find a competent photographer right after you have set up the date for the wedding. You can certainly ask your friends for advice or take a risk and hire a freelancer, but the best way would be to go online and type in “photographer near me” in a search engine. Rest assured that pretty soon you will find yourself on the website of the same name (link). This is the place you need to be. Only will help you find the most competent photographers in your area who will fit perfectly into your wedding budget.
Remember, that the most expensive photographers are not always the best. There are plenty of talented masters of photography who don’t charge a fortune for their services. Once you have found a suitable candidate, set up a meeting with him/her immediately to discuss all the necessary details. Don’t put this issue on the back burner because a good photographer may be stolen from under your nose in a matter of minutes.

Check out the weather forecast. If you plan on having the photo shoot outside, try to pick a rainless calm day with occasional peeks of sunshine.

Buy sophisticated and beautiful glasses. The photo of your friends saluting you on the marriage may be one of the best in your album. Plastic cups or cheap-looking glasses may spoil everything.

Take the change of shoes. Your wedding photo shoot may eventually turn into a long walk, so have mercy on your legs, especially those delicate legs of your bride.