Nowadays the actual discussion upon if the photography needs to be acknowledged by society as a kind of unordinary creative art is the relevant topic for representatives of the world of photography and those, who are just interested in it. During the prolonged period 1800-2018 this issue has been disputed and withstood by photographers of all the countries and those photographers who are just near me, critics and of course artists.

On the one hand, critics emphasize that exactly the appliance of a scientific technique (not a truly originative camera work) produces a photograph. Eventually, experts affirm, even providing an unprofessional photographer with no artistic sense with a professional camera will almost guarantee the generation of completely enjoyable photos. On the other hand, someone who works without an understanding of how to write, mould or portray, will actually come across more predicaments with creating a satisfactory novel, statue, etc. This is the main reason why they assert that we shouldn`t compare photography with the special creative features of others arts.

What is more, there are also critics who partly disagree.

They are of the opinion, it is accurate because this kind of artwork differs significantly from architecture, literature or painting, so absolutely various aesthetics apply. Additionally, critics suggest challenging any sculptor to make a sculpture that seems to be as irresistible as a photograph with talented composition.

For example, if you have a look at a picture of King Charles I, who addresses to his people from the stage, you`d conclude that a photo could give a greater display of the identical scene. The display is an indispensable component of photography art: camera shows the real world as it was at this very moment.

At last, it hardly coincides the originality of a photo which has been created by a pro photographer, in case an amateur photographer attempts to show a satisfactory picture.

Briefly saying, photography is considered to not only be the latter-day kind of art, but it may also be a precise repulse of the current scientific age – the form of modern art.

All in all, there is no right answer to the age-old question. However, everyone should hold his own opinion and believe in it in spite of all the discussions and critics opinions in order to be true to themselves.