The majority of people are fond of photography even more than they can imagine. It surrounds them daily, motivates and fills them with unbelievable energy.

We`ve surveyed professionals, amateurs and common people so that we are able to conclude: photography may rule the world.

The more years people see it and create it, the more they perceive the whole art of photography is about one simple word: seeing. You can name it kind of fantasy in real life, the vision of the current situation – actually it doesn`t matter that much. The whole thing can come down to the above-mentioned seeing: the possibility to fancy the outcome you will get in the end – just in your mind, and hereafter take this very picture from your imagination with the camera at hands.

This story doesn`t want to tackle with you about the gear (as always). It wants you to be aware of that photographers close to me, whether amateurs or not, are doing their best to see something, understanding how they aim it to seem, and capture it this way. Making it so is the simple part; seeing it in the first place is what makes a photographer. Powers of observation are everything. Snapping a camera is trivial.

People are used to claim that painting and photography are alike. It`s accepted that they identically transmit fantasies in physical form. The distinction is that although the majority of painters are in the field from the beginning of their life, they were and are always able to create something entirely from the mind. Both can take lifetimes to master the tools to render imaginations exactly as we intend.

Sometimes one can also bump into the confusion: is the photography much easier for an unprofessional with three-day experience to use and create what looks like a technically permeable, sharp image with exciting composition. However, amateurs reveal immediately that just having the best camera and technically sharp images they don`t receive sumptuous, inspiring effects they planned.