Nowadays we live in the world full of photographers. They are absolutely everywhere: on special occasions, events and adventures. Every photo pretends to be a story which the photographer tries to tell us. Although some people claim that a photo is just an important or subtle moment captured in time, there are also those who believe that it has a particular sense and hopes of an influence on society.

People can observe photographs shown in a variety of forms of media, from advertisements to news articles. No doubts that we easily understand the meaning of the photograph because usually, it`s on the surface when we look at the photo. However, there are photos which possess deeper meaning than it is suspected. Photographers (especially close to me) are sometimes compared to architects, writers and painters because they use a set of patterns to express the meaning of their works. It`s such a pleasure for some of them to use the peculiarities of their occupation to show one thing on the surface, and mean something absolutely different upon closer exploration. They say: “One photo says a thousand words”.

It`s needless to say that to add and convey a sense of the photograph, the photographer should possess basic knowledge of the equipment, beneficial tips and talent.

Today we`d like to share some ways of analyzing and improving the photos you take.


First and foremost, it`s indispensable to pay attention to what the main focal point of the taken photo is. The way the subject framed within the photograph affects the final result. What is more, a close-up is able to transmit more power than a wide shot.


You should decide on whether the subject will be lit brightly or darkly. Don`t forget about the impression it makes. This may be openness and clarity or the feeling like something devious and suspicious is going on. The lighting can provide you with either soft image with almost any shadows or hard image with rather sharp ones.


Last but not least is the focus. This is the detail which makes photos pleasing to the eye. For example, we can image a model`s charming eyes staring right at the photographer (and the future viewer). So, by focusing the optics on her eyes (note that we leave her whole body a little bit out of focus), the photographer can give the viewer an opportunity to feel a mental connection with this model. A person who has a story, not just a beautiful girl or boy with a baby face. The focus is the way of standing out from the alike photos.